Hardware & Heatsinks

  • AAVID: Global leader in advanced thermal management solutions. A broad variety of both off the shelf and custom designs, including heat sinks, extrusions and many accessories.
  • Avery Denison: Manufacturer of high quality cable tie products.
  • Captive fasteners: Self clinching fasteners
  • Concord: Test accessories, electronic components and PC pins and terminals.
  • Essentra Components: Global manufacturer of access hardware, caps, plugs, clamps, fasteners, knobs, handles, grips, abrasives, sealants, tapes, PCB & electronics hardware, fiber, wire & cable management.
  • Henkel/Bergquist: Thermal management materials and insulators, sil-pads.
  • HEYCO: Liquid tight fittings and conduits, strain reliefs, bushings and plugs.
  • Keystone: Battery holders, contacts and clips, spacers and standoffs, terminals, banana jacks and pugs, handles and panel hardware, standard and custom hardware.
  • Micro Plastics: Nylon hardware specialists – standoffs, screws, washers, clips, bushings, plugs, and strain reliefs.
  • Raf: Spacers, standoffs, washers, thumbscrews, handles standard and special sizes and finishes.
  • RichCo: Manufacturer of quality plastic parts and components for electrical and electronic circuitry applications, cable ties, clamps, and fiber management devices.
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